I have created a 90-day coaching program called 90 DAYS TO BREAK FREE™, a holistic healing and transformational coaching program for men and women who use food as a coping mechanism to deal with their stress and emotions. This program will teach you specific skills and coping strategies to help you BREAK FREE from the struggles with food and body image. The natural outcomes of your emotional healing recovery are a healthy relationship with food, improved body image, and a healthy weight. This program is based on Dr. Dorie's McCubbrey, MSEd, Ph.D., LPC, CEDS treatment approach called Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy EDIT™.

(Pricing amongst request)

You can expect to: 


Open your heart and expand into your TRUE being. You’ll love the version of yourself that will show up to play this game called Life.


Learn to effectively act instead of reacting to cravings and urges. With repetition and discipline, a healthy and sustainable weight is possible!


Restore your wellbeing, forgive yourself, and find true happiness.


Become aware of your thoughts and emotions. You’ll learn to trust yourself.

During this call I’ll guide you to become aware of where you are in the emotional scale and the patterns of thoughts that you’re currently having. Our thoughts create our emotions, therefore becoming aware of your thoughts is the first step of transformation. We’ll also work on identifying your core beliefs and those limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore and are holding you back from reaching your goals.

We’ll work on recognizing your values, credo or guiding principles of how you want your life to look and the meaning of your current experiences. Accepting your experiences and challenges is a necessary step to take responsibility and move forward in your recovery. As complex, difficult, and painful this journey may be, it’s very important to accept your current circumstances. It’s not your fault.

Self-blame and blaming others keep us stuck in a negative state of mind and prevents us from effectively recovering. We’ll work on transforming blame into forgiveness. You’ll learn a set of coping skills to act instead of reacting to the urges. You’ll increase your confidence level and effectively create and implement a new set of healthy boundaries.

You’ll learn specific strategies to develop self-compassion and improve your body image. Step by step you’ll discover how to love your body and find a Soul-Heart-Mind-Body balance. We go over the importance of forgiveness and the pressure of perfection. 

You’ll learn to trust yourself and your intuition. When you feel doubt about your decisions and abilities, the disordered eating recognizes that and takes advantage of you. You’ll learn how to lower the volume of the critical voice and raise the volume of your true self. You’ll start trusting your inner voice and use it as your guidance system. 

You’ll learn to apply your intuitive abilities when you eat. You’ll learn specific tools to listen to your body and what your body truly needs. Maintaining a well nourished and healthy body is essential to successful recovery.

We’ll safely explore and resolve the core issues that are keeping you stuck and/or paralyzed, preventing you from freely expressing yourself. You’ll tap into your creativity and learn healthy strategies and how to set healthy boundaries with others which will allow you to stop walking on eggshells without feeling shame or guilt.

We’ll go over the importance of self care and how to implement Holistic self care morning and evening routines. You’ll create an emergency self care kit that works for you. Disciplinary distraction is the key to progress your life in a positive direction

You’ll learn a set of skills for strengthening your self-esteem and trust in yourself and the recovery process. You’ll embrace hope with a new sense of confidence, strength, and power. Believing in yourself is essential for a sustainable recovery. You must believe in yourself and the process of change. 

Does this really work?

Yes! The result of my work is a holistic approach to transforming your relationship with food and your life from hopelessness to empowerment. You’ll learn new skills, tool and strategies to heal not only your relationship with food, but with your heart and body too. As a result, you’ll make peace with food for once and for all while still reaching a healthy weight.(See Testimonials) 

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